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Shane Cink - Head Coach/Owner

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Monday - Friday
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"The magic is in the movement
The art is in the programming
The science is in the explanation
The fun is in the community"

Personal Training


SPIFIT - Group Fitness

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We are a Pure movement Functional training and USAW Olympic Weightlifting training facility for all ages. We combine efforts of highly esteemed Physical Therapist and Master Athletic Trainers to design training programs that utilize a perfect balance of Mobility, Strength, Metabolic Conditioning, and physical skill building to create functionally sound athletes out of everyone that dawns our doors (8-80). We pride ourselves on being a Posture/Function 1st gym. Ensuring maximum long term result and safety!


Tennis Training
Functional Fitness
Sport Specific Training


“I had done another popular type of functional fitness for four years when I found OneLife. The workouts are just as intense, but focused on proper movement. Shane’s corrections and attention to the “little things” that really matter make him one of the best coaches I’ve ever had.”


I came to OneLife as a post-rehab referral with extreme lower back pain due to a hypo-mobile thoracic spine.  I was released after my session of physical therapy ended in September of 2015.  Because their programming offers modifications and regressions when needed, I am now able to be a consistent member of the OneLife Group Classes! Forever changing my mindset on what is physically possible for a man in his late 50's.


Shane was recommended to me after completing six long months of PT after breaking my SI joint while giving birth.  He picked up where her PT left off, and after two more years of one-on-one personal sessions, I was able to slowly integrate into our classes.  I am now stronger than ever before and rarely need modifications to our workouts.


I have been a client for over eight years initially seeking personal training after yet another knee surgery side-lining me from living a physical life.  After intense sessions to focus on strengthening his glutes and work on mobility, I now train in with the weightlifting programing that OneLife provides. I am now structurally sound and have spent over 20 days on the ski slopes this season alone!


Shane Cink
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2800 E. Danforth Rd. 

Edmond, OK 73034

Tel: 405-471-4556


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